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Who We Serve



We work with clients want to protect what they have today, and grow it for tomorrow. They are looking for financial planning that looks at their whole picture so that they have confidence in their future generations and the legacy they leave behind. They seek comfort in knowing they have taken the right steps to secure the future.




We provide balance and perspective for a more aggressive investor. For this group, our financial savvy and long-range vision have great value. Ownership adds complexity to one’s financial life and we are prepared to coordinate all aspects of our clients' financial lives and The GWMG makes sure these clients make the most of their opportunities.



Often wealth management tends to focus on men. At the GWMG, we understand that women can face unique challenges and are attuned to the female perspective and provide wealth management that focuses on their particular financial planning concerns. We advise affluent women who are seeking financial guidance and advice. We also advise women who are experiencing one of life’s many transitions and help women understand their wealth and navigate their future.





Families with three or four generations of wealth have unique situations. Along with wealth management, these clients often benefit from wealth counseling to handle family dynamics of inheritance. We help to prepare the next-generation so that your wealth can last.